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Re: side marker lamps

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

>I have an '86 5000 CST and an '89 200q that I'd like to add amber side 
marker lamps to (20 valve look on a budget!).   Anyone BTDT?

What I have done is probably not very related to what you want to do, but
I'll share anyway.  It has always bothered me (on my early 80's Audis) that
there is no turn signal indicator visible from the sides of the front of the
car.  In short what I did was mount a spare pair of the parking lights,
which are small and simple, in the plastic extension of the bumper and wire
them to the turn signal harness.  Since they are designed to go into a weird
hole, about 5/8" round with a long and short rectangular "ear" on each end,
I just cut off the offending plastic tabs designed to snap into these
rectangles and glued the lens into the bumper (hot melt in this case).  

I had contemplated mounting them back up in the fender near the A pillar (a
la Saab) but this seemed like too much work, I didn't want to cut metal, and
anyway my car is rusting there.  This is probably what you are thinking of
doing, and it still seems like a good idea, if there is a valid "purpose",
ie problem needing solution.  Otherwise it seems like a lot of screwing
around for just a cosmetic effect.  Better to spend the time cleaning all
your electrical connections, smearing dielectric on them, and removing the
grease from your engine so it looks pretty.

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers