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QCUSA/Escort Solo Mini

I don't want to open this can of worms again, however I must share my experience w/ the QCUSA.  A few MONTHS ago the MN chapter (national HQ) got together at the local Audi dealer for a chapter meeting.  The discussion was to get more people involved and such.  I offered to do anything that needed to be done.  They passed around a sign-up sheet for phone numbers and interests.  I didn't hear a thing and therefore let my membership expire.  At $10/issue the quattro quarterly is not worth it.  The fact that these people can't get a local chapter involved and active just proves they have no reason to be running a national club.

Down off my soap box.

I have a new Escort Solo Mini for sale ($110 includes shipping).  E-mail me if you are interested, don't post to the list.


Robert Bauer
86 4KCSq
Minneapolis, MN