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Re: Questions

Mike Benno wrote:

> Matthew
> You probably have Mobil 1 in your tranny. This lube in VW/AUDI and
> some
> other gearboxes cause the classic 2nd gear grind. Replace the lube
> with
> Redline MTL or the OEM organic.

I think OEM is synthetic 75W 90 or G50 with a GL-4 rateing. $25 a
quartRedline MT-90 is better. It's a 75W 90 GL-4.

> This should fix it. The grinding is caused
> by the syncros slightly out of adjustment. The reason it is worse on
> hot
> days is because the lube is operating at full viscosity (mostly
> because of
> the contaminants in the gearbox).
1990 QC