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Pikes Peak Hill Climb


Just wanted to say that it was a pleasure meeting many of the Q-list members at 
THE Hill climb. What a great gang of eclectic enthusiasts! This was the first 
real outing for the TQC since the re-build. It was well worth the angst. 

Three cheers for Ben Howell who arranged it. I especially enjoyed the VIP exit 
which allowed us off the hill before everyone else. 

My SP30 sun block almost kept up with the high altitude rays. I hope the east 
coast members enjoy the afterglow of a real western fry! 

So........Whose going to build the Audi unlimited class car?   

Paul A. Caouette
Partners for Community Development
Denver, Colorado
 83 TQC with 207k & Still Going
 85 4000Q 
And Many past Audis Gone but not Forgotten