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RE: more on v8 vs. 200 - tail lights

"Paul C. Waterloo" <74543.407@compuserve.com> says:

I do like the V8 tail lights, but you just can't mistake the yellow/red
combination of the 200. It has the euro side markers, that give it a
great look, and the interior is almost exact to a 90 V8 with exception
of the analog clock versus oil gauge?


FYI in the lights dept, 

I have a tornado red 91 200q, with V8 TAIL LIGHTS. They bolt directly
into the same locations, no modification necessary. replacement time =
15 minutes or less. Only hard part is digging a set up at the bone

I also have red side marker lights to replace the red ones (avail AVS,
also in clear and black), and my Euro headlights have silver/white side
reflectors. It all looks very clean on my tornado red car.

fianl remaining outside light replacement: black tinted front turn
signal lenses (just below the front bumper - red not avail) the blend
nicely with the black strip in the front bumper. All in all a sharp,
much cleaner than stock look without looking tacky.


91 200q
86 5ktq