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Re: Whistler 1490 on sale -Reply

Derek Daily wrote:
> >>> Sargent E. Schutt <sargent@symposiafoundation.org> - 7/30/97 1:27
> AM >>>
> I would buy a Valentine One. THe only reason I haven't is I live in
> CA and radar is rarely an issue for me - cops can't use it on the
> freeways.
> Sarge...CA must mean Canada?  Certainly radar is available and often
> used on CA / California highways.
> Derek D
> 86 VW Qtm Syncro

Nope. CA means California, last I checked. And CHP (Cali Highway Patrol)
is NOT I repeat NOT ALLOWED to use radar on freeways(restricted access
roads). They ARE allowed to use it on secondary roads. They will
occasionally use it on freeways anyway to confirm their suspicions (as
I've been told by CHP), but this info is absolutely not admissable in
court. On the freeway they must pace you, or use VASCAR (timing) from
land or air. That's the rules. And I like 'em. (although airplanes are a
PITA to spot)