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Re: water wetter (late)

In a message dated 97-07-08 23:00:08 EDT, meck@hutton.net writes:

<< Anyway I have used this product on three different cars
 and have noticed next to nothing. >>

73 911S

   I can bet it didn't help much in the 911.  This stuff was not designed to
help the driver sitting in his car with the windows up and the air
conditioner blowing 'til there is frost on the sills.  Sitting in traffic in
Miami of Chicago or any other humid hell-pit for that matter will probably
show little signs of benefit.  There is only so much air that the cars fan
can move through the radiator.  The radiator is designed to transfer heat.  
If there is no air moving throught the radiator, there is decreased cooling
effect regardless of what the fluid of choice is.  Even when the cars' fan
comes on, where does the the heated air evacuate?  under the car...  Then
what happens, it rises and stays under the hood anyway.  Of course when you
get moving the temp goes to normal, because the cooling system is working
effectively.  Plenty of air being pushed through the radiator, and the heated
air is being extracted away from the vehicle.  In a way for all to
understand, the laws of thermodynamics state the temperature will travel from
warm-to-cold. When this stuff is added to the cooling system, it allows the
water to make better "contact" with the radiator allowing better heat
transfer.  I dont really need to bring up words like "surface tension" to get
a point across here.  I have worked with highly tuned two cycle engines for a
lot of years.  These engines put out the higest horsepower per liter  of
anything I can think of (internal combustion that is).   Example our 340cc
formula 1 sno pro engine puts out over 100 horserpower.  The 600cc engine in
the Rascal outlaw sprint car I sponsor is making 140 horsepower, a 500cc GP
bike puts out 180hp.  We have used this product for years and in extreme
(albeit ideal) conditions, there is a real benefit with the wetter.
      I'm not here trying to sell this stuff, but Lord knows when someone has
a strong opinion to voice, this is the place to do it.

Peace, out.