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Rear Diff oil

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     I went to put some oil in the rear diff of m '87 5kSQ last night as I 
     have leaking seals that I'm going to replace eventually.  My Bentley 
     manual was of zero assistance in telling me where the oil goes in, how 
     to get it in, and how much.  There are plugs all over the case that 
     look like they could be filler plugs.  There are 3 very large socket 
     head plugs(one on the forward bottom of the case, one on the rear 
     bottom of the case, and one on the right side behind the CV joint that 
     is barely visible with the fuel tank skidplate off.) There are also 2 
     hex heads on the bottom of the diff case (one on the center bottom and 
     one slightly up and to the left.  If anyone can tell me the procedure 
     for filling the diff and what to use to pump oil up there, I and my 
     differential gears will greatly appreciated it.
     Pat Kelly
     twin '87 5kSQ's one with hydraulic probs, one with a thirsty diff
     Marlboro MA