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Re: Master cylinder grief

Bob, I observed the same thing when pressure testing my hydraulics by pumping 
the pedal a lot.  I think it is just discharging the bomb.  Mine didn't overflow
the resevoir but it looks like it could hold a good amount of fluid.  I got my 
brakes to drag slightly and the pedal went hard while driving yesterday.  As 
soon as I stopped and jumped out to check the gauge, the pedal would go back to 
normal.  When I looked at the gauge it was 2000psi.  I think I'm going to get a 
pressure transducer out of the junk yard as mine isn't working (no light when 
not even screwed into the servo). Then I will see a major pressure drop while 

Pat Kelly

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Subject: Master cylinder grief
Author:  Non-HP-rringlie (rringlie@isd.net) at HP-ColSprings,mimegw3
Date:    7/10/97 8:38 PM

Patrick and other listers:
   Finally found a used MC to try on my 89 200. After installing,  I was
under the back end bleeding the rear brakes, with my wife pushing the
pedal, I hear this fluid running on the floor.  My HYDRAULIC reservoir
overflows all over.  I start the car, level goes down, shut engine off
,resume bleeding process and level goes back up.  Is this normal?  Am I
discharging the bomb through the booster with all these pedal to the
floor actions?
   It was getting late and the mosquitos were hungry so I quit for the
night and didn't finish bleeding tho I finally had some pedal.  Any
ideas on this weird occurence?  
Bob Ringlien