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Re: Avoid Morong-Falmouth Audi (Maine)

Hey all

Normally I try not get involved with trivia such as this, but every now and
then someone runs off with hoof and mouth disease (open mouth insert foot). I
have to take exception to someone who assumes a mechanic screws something up.
There are a lot of reasons for a spark plug to seize in a cylinder head such
as corrosion from dissimilar metals. Add lots of good old New England road
salt and voila! 250 ft/lbs of torque to remove the plug, along with half the
threads. A spark plug doesn't HAVE to be crossed threaded to become seized in
the head. Why do you suppose They make heli-coils both in this country and
overseas. I've been in the import car business since the mid sixties and have
seen it all including poor mechs. Whose to say when this plug actually became
seized in the head. There are lots of reasons for this to happen and for
someone to pound a particular mechanic or shop in a public forum such this
is, I feel, is inappropriate. Yes, Never Seize should have been used however
If the plugs are not removed very often, this stuff does dissapear after a
while and don't forget the public is clamoring for fewer scheduled
maintenence checks, ie 100,000 miles between tune ups.