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Re: Pennzoil's R-12 Stuff

In a message dated 7/8/97 Dan Simoes (our esteemed list master) writes:

<<I told you, that's the stuff Jiffy Lube (now at Sears) puts in
instead of R12 these days.  I'm aiming to try it.>>

When this thread was alive, I checked Pennzoil's web site, found a local
dealer (not jiffy lube) and called them. Turns out they are a good local mbz
servicer. The owner stated he gave up on the frig-c (?) and is now doing
R134a (?) retrofits instead...hmmm. He also went on to say that if the AC is
working at all (mine was but not real well) that probably the best bet was a
recharge with R12. So, after hearing of the deal Dan meantioned at jiffy lube
I decided to abuse that sears card and give 'em a shot. They evacuated and
recharged my system and it blows colder than I have ever felt from a 4kq (and
this is my 3'rd 4kq). Thing of it is out here in CA at the jiffy lube I went
to, they say they use R12, not that pennzoil stuff. Go figure...so, the
experience with jiffy lube for a re-charge was a good one, but still don't
know about the pennzoil stuff. Anybody try it yet?

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (can chill beers again with the AC ;-)...)