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roller cage: who used it??

Hi Audiacs,

Did any of you ever use a 'roller cage' or 'roll cage' for his Audi (or other

Meant is the construction made of steel profiles, on which you attach one sides
front and rear wheel, and then (after taking out the battery) you are able to
tilt your car about 90 degrees aside to the vertical, so you can do work on the
bottom of the car 'as an upright person'..

Sometimes these roller cages are advertised over here, but I'm wondering if it
works; if it is a safe construction and if the mounted wheels (and their
bearings), the engine mountings and the suspension of the car aren't damaged..
(BTW: it is not the 'rotisserie'-construction meant here..)

Maybe any of you has some experience with this 'tool'..

Thanks for any answer!
(please send a C.C. of your answer in the list to this address too..)

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