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5k aircon vac observations

Armed with the Bentley, I dived under the dash of the 5kt to investigate
some probable ways of getting cooled air through the dash vents. Said air
would issue from the defroster vents before... Many thanks to whoever
suggested punching "LO" to get cooled air. It does work. Programmer's
messed I guess. I just figured that there had to be some way to get that
air at whatever fan speed I wanted. Found it! I observed the works of the
vacuum-operated flaps. Realized that by selecting "AUTO" and "LO", the
doors open- and if the red vacuum line is pulled and plugged, the doors
stay that way. AC has been achieved! All other climate functions remain
operable. I've been enjoying the cool for two days now. Here's the
question: Have I outsmarted a senile programmer, or have I committed an
unpardonable sin regarding the health of the engine? I plugged the red
line in both directions, so no air is getting sucked through (I know how
CIS loves that!) and the idle and boost are as before...

So, good cheater tip or awful transgression?


1987 5000CS Turbo, 166k, cool inside, 106 F outside!