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using the search engine to find information

Just wanted to point something out.  I've heard a lot of complaints
about the archives, how it's hard to find things.  Igor wanted
the procedure to aim euro lights, and though it's in my pile of
"this should be in the faq" emails, I decided to test the archives.

Step 1: open to the main quattro page and hit the archive link.

Step 2: type in what I am looking for, in this case:

	aim euro light

Step 3: I am presented with a list of 10+ archive documents.
I hit the first one, it loads up.  I then use Netscape's
Find function (in the Unix version, Ctrl-F) to search on 
the word "aim".  I use the Find Next function (Ctrl-G) to 
look for relevant sections of the archive.  I don't find 
what I need.

Step 4: I go to the next archive, and do the same.  At this point
I just need to keep hitting Ctrl-G.  I find the procedure in
the second archive listed.

That's it.  Works for me :)

| Dan |
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