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Re: Vibration ???

Jonathan Monetti wrote:
> Solomon,
> I have been through the ringer trying to do away with vibration &
> what feels like a related tracking instability with my 86 CGT.
> To date:
> new control arms
> new tie rods & ends
> ball joints
> LF bearing
> shocks/struts/bearings
> Car has 90k on it, and like yours, from time to time, vibrates.
> I have directional Yokohamas on the car, and I think they are
> contributing.  Also, the point about bent rims very appropriate--but I
> still scratch my head as why a bent rim's input would come and go?
> Strut mounts are my next check and rear bearings, but I doubt they are
> playing a part.
> BUT--I just discovered a post from Al Powell inthe archives that
> illustrated a 'clunking' noise
> he went nuts trying to get rid of in his CGT.  Our CGT's are different
> autos than your 90, however his mechanic discovered elongated subframe
> mounting holes that were allowing for movement enough to 'clunk' and
> warned him that this is an occassional Audi problem.  I believe the 90
> floorpan is the
> 4k's, so this may apply to you.  I think enough play to allow a clunk for
> Al could mean enough play to allow for suspension geometry changes for me
> and thus *intermittent* vibration and wandering.
> Just a thought, hope this helps.
> Jonathan Monetti
> 86 CGT, 90k

Hi Jonathan,

It's "good" to know that I am not imagining it or being over senitive
about it.
Right now it's not very serious, I will be monitoring and keeping my
eyes and ears open for possible cause and solution.