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I am having the worst experience right now.. I went up camping with a bunch
of friends, in my '90 100 Q. On the way back, I screwed up driving a
jeep-trail, and bottomed out - HARD -. So hard, that I lost some parts from
my engine, and thrashed the oil pan. Oil pressure dropped to 0, oil all over
the road.

And now it's 60 miles out in the middle of nowhere. I have no idea what I'm
going to do to get it back... back to town...to the repairman... to pay a
grip to get all that pain and suffering fixed. ouch. I have farmer's
insurance, 1800-farm-tow, but I don't know if it'll cover me way the hell
out there.. hmm.. I hope so. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to _rent a
flatbed_. :( 

no matter what.. bummmmmmer. my poor q. i'm sorry baby.

Wells, I've gotta get some sleep, then get up and deal with this problem.
lates yalls

'90 100Q                              Burton 6.6
"Romeo Foxtrot, shall we dance..."