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90 90Q 20V vs. 97 S6 vs. 98 A4 30V

I've owned a 1990 90Q 20V since new, It now has 103k km and lived for
its first 6.5 years in salt-less British Columbia. Last week it aquired
its first brake job and a replacement high beam switch (total bill $1300

Life consists of many choices. I'd appreciate some advice on the
delightful decision that I have to make. The options are:

a) keep it! It drives like a charm, looks like brand new. Certainly the
easiest option (and cheapest). Unfortunately the add on MEI C/D changer
in the trunk does not remember to check for C/Ds everytime it starts and
I have lost most AM reception by inserting the C/D transmitter into the
antenna circuit. A second unnerving characteristic is that if the car is
left for 4+ days the battery goes dead (the dealer tells me the Clifford
alarm draws too much power).

b) trade it in on a 1997 S6 that the local dealer has on consignment
(for $60k CDN) from someone who prefers a Porsche after driving the car
for 2500 km and 3 months! The insult came when the dealer offered me
$7,500 CDN for my 90Q after I just put $1,300 into repairs.  I borrowed
the S6 for 2 days and my wife and I had some fun. What a difference in
performance. My concern is that the S6 is now discontinued, has a
similar older technology 5 cylinder engine, enhanced by a breakable
turbocharger and is based on the old A6 platform that is now being
upgraded to an improved suspension. One other quirk is that this car is
black on black leather. I owned a black car once and swore that I would
never do it again because it is to difficult to maintain.

c) move up to a 1998 A4 30V. I drove a fully loaded one this morning
with my wife. Nice car, all of the right specifications, very sexy but
my wife summed it up very well. "This car doesn't feel much different
from your 90Q....and for a lot more money (i.e. $50k CDN)" Maybe I
spoiled her with the S6 last week, but she certainly does have
reasonable perceptions.  In fact she asked me if she can keep my 90Q
when I upgrade and sell her 1988 Buick Reatta. She must have class!

d) wait for something else. Maybe an pre-owned S6 or S4 or a new 1998 A6
(manual??). Maybe try the new 1998 Passat with the 2.8l engine, maybe
look at other 4 wheel drive vehicle (Explorer, Jimmy, MB)

Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

Brian Pleet