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RE: audi news s3/s4/s6/a6 avant 4x4

At 08:28 AM 7/13/97 -0400, Tom Haapanen wrote:
>The M3 is 240 hp, 235 lbs-ft; if the S4 at least maintains the torque
>characteristics of the base 1.8T engine, the 2.7L engine will produce
>233 lbs-ft (and I'd bet that with twin turbos and additional boost,
>it'll be more like 260-270 lbs-ft).  But wouldn't even an S4 with
>265/233 be already capable of beating an M3 with 240/235?

It may be similar to the current M3, but recent magazines have hinted that
the M3 that will be based on the future 3-series will be fitted with a 4.4L
V-8.  Sounds like the twin-turbo V-6 from Audi will need a lot of tweaking
to match the future M3.

- Josh Pinkert
- flush@radix.net