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Re: '875ksq AC Clutch

> husseyd@rayovac.com said:

> >Check the AC compressor relay!  I had the same thing happen on my 5KTQ
> >last week and the clutch wasn't spinning.  I took out the relay and
> >jumped the two pins (the one on the right and the one on the left (not
> >the upper and lower ones), and the clutch kicked back in!  So, I think
> >you may have the same problem.  Try that before rebuilding a compressor
> >clutch wich is big $$$.  

> A compressor clutch cost's about $45 and it's easy to replace, I just did 
> it.

Where from at that price?  They were over $100 when I asked Linda.
(For the Nippondenso right?)