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RE: Reply to Double Clutching & What is it

Jimbo wrote:-
>It is my opinion that kids who learn on stick shifts (as mine did) make
>better drives, as they have to pay more attention to the car that an
>automatic trans car.  The later is pretty much a point and go.

Couldnt agree more.
In the UK a driving licence that restricts the driver to automatic cars is 
generally looked on as 'second class', and an automatic test is usually only 
taken as a last resort once the manual test has been failed a number of times.
Unfortunatley, unlike some countries there is no ceiling to the number of 
attempts that can be made, to the effect that some people who should never be 
allowed near a motor vehicle having a lucky half-hour and passing their test 
after 10, 20, even 50+ attempts.
One of the most talked about tv programs on the BBC is 'Driving School', part 
of which follows the antics of some of the most inept pupils, tomorrow night 
one takes her test for the eigth time - her first auto trans test.

Many years ago I learnt to drive in a car that had no synchro on first gear 
and although I spent some years driving big litre automatics, I still 
double-declutch when I downshift a manual trans.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro