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RE: a question about quattros and turbos

> have no experience with Qs or Ts. 
>Does this greatly increase my chance of getting burned?

Quite probably.
I dont know what its like in the US, but here in the UK you can find the good, 
the bad and the ugly.

1) The Good - a quattro enthusiast who knows what he's selling but has a very 
good reason, like the current UK owners club ad from a poor guy whos selling a 
87 Ur-q to buy a Discovery to carry kids :-( 

2) The Bad - someone new to quattro ownership who has discovered that their 
car is a heap of cr*p and is looking to off load it asap to some sucker at an 
inflated price

3) The Ugly - guy who bought the car 'cos it was fast, drove it hard, 
maintained it like a Ford and now wants a price that looks like a phone number 
because its a 'classic'.

It took me 18 months to find my quattro and I experienced many of 2 & 3, 
including dealers. In the end I was lucky enough to find a guy who looked 
after his cars who was working his way towards a Nissan 300ZX via a number of 
turbo'd cars. After the rubbish that I had looked at, it took me best part of 
an hour to decide that this was THE car. My car is nowhere near perfect, the 
cloth upholstery is worn, some trim is broken/missing and from some angles you 
can see that the front of the bonnet is slightly misshapen, not by much but 
just enough to annoy me 'cos I know its there, but it was the condition of the 
engine and running gear that made me choose it.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro - looking for a black leather interior in the north of England