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Re: Red paint and spots

-I had the same problem on my 86 Nissan 300zx, and my 91 MR2 Turbo...both
red and both without a clear coat.  I solved the problem with my MR2 by
selling him (sniff), and by having my Nissan this time with a clear coat.
 Before repainting I was able to hold the water spots by waxing (orbital
buffer) with that red wax crap made by turtle wax...but the spots always
came back after the car got wet then sat in the sun...looked like shit
most of the time...I don't think there is a permanant solution...you
might try taking to a professional detail place and having a glaze
applied.  Good luck.

91 200 TQ20v  (pearl...no water spots)
86 300zx (guards red...no more water spots)
On Mon, 14 Jul 1997 03:10:01 -0600 (CDT) randrews@post.cis.smu.edu
(Robert Paul Andrews) writes:
>I believe I have after washing and waxing my 90, hard water spots
>left over.  I can feel these spots and see em in the sun.  Waxing and
>rubbing on em didn't seem to make it better.  ANyway ever experience 
>before and how did you remedy it?  Thanks!