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Re: cracking coolant overflow tank

MSV96@aol.com wrote:
> Anyone know of a history of coolant overflow tanks cracking? On my 4kq there
> appears to be a crack on the side with some slight slime to it. I use no
> coolant-level is stable, and the motor temps are fine. Just back from a fast
> trip down to LA and back...AC on, hotter than all get out, and averaging
> 90-100 for ~200 miles on I5 (on the way there)...no problems. It *looks*
> though like it is starting to crack on the side. I have never seen this
> before in any cars I have owned and am curious if this is something anyone on
> the list has seen before.

BT twice. First time replaced with the one from a junk yard ($10) lasted 3 mos. Second time - with a 
new part ($22 - dealer) lasted 3 years (and still looks new).

> If so, has it resulted in catastrophic failure
> (i.e. fast and total coolant loss)?

No, it will result in a slow (~5 min) but a very messy green lake and lots of white steam in the 6th 
lane of a 12-lane U.S.1 in the rush hour, when you'll be wearing your best French suit, have your 
better half sitting next to you in an evening dress, and be running late for dinner with your lawyer. 
And all the Camry drivers will give you cocky smiles.
Did I mention it was messy?

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'97 A4TQ - on order
Philadelphia, PA