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RE: So, what is experience with Black leather?

I've got a black leather interior in my CQ. I have had black cloth and
black vinyl interiors before, and swore I'd NEVER get another black
interior. This one is OK, however. I crack the sunroof if the weather
forecast doesn't have rain predicted, and open the windows when I get
back to it to go home at night. The A/C cools the interior down pretty
fast (it is a Coupe, with less interior volume to cool than a sedan, but
only two windows for the first exhaust of hot air), and haven't yet
complained about scorching the backs of my legs on hot seats. I live in
Massachusetts, if you are further south, YMMV. HTH.
-Ian Duff.
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	I continue my hunt for an appropriate Quattro for my family.
Have maybe
	found a winner but it has black leather.  What experience have
any of you
	with this color in regards to heat build up and the like?  Thank