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Re: Seeking Stereo Replacement for '89 100Q

Hairy green toads from Mars made Michael D. Callaghan say:

> I just bought a 1989 100Q. The car seems fine in all respects (so far),
> except for the cassette deck. It doesn't work very well.
> I have no desire to rip the car apart, and I've looked through the list
> archives for "stereo." I found much useful info, but I'd like to summarize
> my desires here, and see if anyone can make a specific recommendation.
> I want to replace my head unit with a 3rd party unit that has a cassette
> deck. I don't want to replace any of my factory speakers (I do not have the
> Bose system), or run any more wires, if possible. 
> I read in the list archives that Crutchfield sells a wiring harness that
> will convert a head-unit's output to be compatible with my current setup.
> Is this indeed accurate?
> I want to buy a head unit, pull out the current one, and replace it. Just
> like that. Is this doable?

Yup. Did just that on my '89 100Q. Stock speakers, wiring, everything.
I put in a new Kenwood CD player head unit (didn't want cassette).

The sound is incredible. The stock head unit sucks, but the speakers
are pretty damn good.  Any competent stereo shop will be not at all
fazed by the amplified setup on the 100Q. If they are confused, find
another shop!


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