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Re: experience with Black leather?

> Depends on where you live, and when you drive the car.

I guess I should probably jump in here as I have two cars with black leather
and live in the desert southwest where it regularly hits 110+ degrees (I saw
108 on the outside temp gauge while driving home yesterday!).  Personally, I
have never noticed ANY difference in temperature due to the leather's color,
be it black or gray or tan or what have you ... hot is hot, period.  Getting
your windows tinted will help a lot as will putting a towel over the seat to
keep the leather from being exposed directly to the sun.  I never crack open
my sunroof because I once had a steet urchin spray a can of Coke through the
opening -- talk about a mess! -- but my father swears it keeps his car a bit
cooler as a result so YMMV.

Now, black paint is another matter entirely ... I like the look but there is
NO way I'd own an Audi that color out here, at least not if the a/c system's
as marginal as the ones on my '89 200q and '85 Ur-Q!  They work okay but you
can't chill your beer with them the way you can with most GM cars...  ;^)

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