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re: experience with Black leather?

Depends on where you live, and when you drive the car.  I'm in New England,
with a couple months of very hot.  I've got a pearl white '91 200q with black
leather, and love it.  It's been a very hot summer so far, but haven't had
too bad a problem with heat.  Recommendations:  park in the shade, or park so
that the windshield doesn't face the sun in the afternoon (which lets the sun
beat in on the front seats and dash).  Part of the heat buildup can be
attributed, in the 5000 series cars, to the huge expanse of dash (black like
the leather in my car) exposed to the sun in front, and the large
"greenhouse".  Thankfully, its tinted glass.

Frankly, I may just get a reflective sunshade to block the front window.  The
new A8 offers a "hot weather" package including metalic film in the windows
to reduce radiant heat gain; the sunshade in front should do almost as well.
 I really like the look of black leather versus the other options (my
opinion....).  Best way to tell if you can deal with it, is borrow the car
you're looking at and park it in the sun for a couple hours, then drive it to
see if the AC can cope.

HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH

<<<<Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 05:50:58 -0500
From: Leah and David Mueller <muellerl@cadvision.com>

I continue my hunt for an appropriate Quattro for my family.  Have maybe
found a winner but it has black leather.  What experience have any of you
with this color in regards to heat build up and the like?  Thank you!!