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Will stock 5ks rims fit 4ksq?

David wrote:
> I also realized that I need your help in seeing if the stock mags from > a 1986 5ks with 185-70-14 snows > will work out okay on a 1987 4ksq which normally takes a 185-60-14 if I am correct.  Bolt pattern and 
> clearance OK?


Mmm, no.  5k's (and ur-q's) are 5 bolt (112mm), 4k's are 4 bolt (100mm
pre-85, 108mm 85 and up)  Don't know if it has anything to do with the
model names.  Guess not, 'cos then a 100 or 200 wouldn't have enough lug

There is a guy in northern Cali (you q-club guys know him) with 5k
struts on his ur-q fendered turbo 4k road racer.  I forgot his name.

Hmmm...  I do want to get some nice 'center lock' wheels, though.  Some
nice Fikse's, or a set of RH's like in the D&W catalog.  Those could
qualify as one lug nut.  But I digress...


(there'll prolly be mucho other responses in addition to mine, 'cos it's
a question most of us prolly know the answer to)
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