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4 bolt 5k wheels

Ok, Ok, everyone!

Non-turbo, non-quattro 5k's have the same 4 bolt, 108mm pattern as my
Coupe GT and 4k quattro.

Trip out!  I guess I never much paid attention to them.  If it weren't
for the turbo motors, I'd prolly pay even less attention to them.  No
offense to any 5k owner's, I've actually recently begun to appreciate
them, after driving up north w/Duane Hale in his mechanics 5k turbo.

Total of 4 responses correcting me.  Thanks fellas!  :-)


<^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ken Keith^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^>
<  '86 Audi Coupe GT                           >
<      AZEV 16's, ABT, Borla, K&N, Brembo,     >
<      Schrick (waiting for install),          >
<  '94 Saturn SL2                              >
<      16v, 4 wheel disc, ABS, full power,     >
<      ASC automatic sunroof. (4 sale)         >
<  '85 Audi 4k quattro (not running)           >