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Black Leather

> I continue my hunt for an appropriate Quattro for my family.  Have maybe
> found a winner but it has black leather.  What experience have any of you
> with this color in regards to heat build up and the like?  Thank you!!

My coupe Q has black leather, and it does get hot... however, I don't
think it has so much to do with the color as with the amount of glass
surface area, (to let more light in) and if your car has any sort of
ventilation, (cracked window, etc.)
One thing about black, though, is that it shows dust more easily than a
lighter color, but then again I love detailing my interior, and don't
have a problem with it!
* Ramana Lagemann		  mailto:elmool@tiac.net*
* Cohasset, MA					1990 Coupe Q	*