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Re: Hella XL mounting on bumper(help!)

At 11:58 PM -0400 on 7/15/97, Dave Weiss wrote:

> Brett Dikeman <dikemanb@edison.ma.ultranet.com> wrote:
> > Hella XL's on the bumper mounting bolts on his 5k...has anyone else
> > done this, particularly on a '87 5kcst?
> You might want to poke your head up under/behind the front bumper
> cover.  At least on the later turbos (89 200Q in particular) putting a
> large
> light on the right bumper bolt blocks the oil cooler.  How big is the
> Hella XL?
Yes, I noticed that as well.  It would have blocked the oil cooler, though
the alternator would have been fine.
   I've decided to mount the lights above for a couple reasons:
-impatience :) (sorry, from the instant-gratification generation)
-The destructions(as our family calls them) specified that the lights had
to be at least 2 feet off the ground, which turns out to be almost exactly
perfect when mounted on top of the bumper
-see previous...more effective...if they were too low, they might not do
very much(on the other hand, they won't be as useful for fog/snow, but oh
-I took out the bolt, and it was rather large, and sitting there in my hand
it seemed to sort of say, just by its looks, "I'm big, I'm important, don't
mess with me, put me back."

> AoA had a fog-light kit for the NA cars, included mounting brackets that
> used those bolts.  They're Allen head, and can be a pain to break
I'd sure love to see the bracket...I made one out of a bar of aluminum by
bending it in a vise an drilling holes, but I couldn't get it in there and
then get the bolt back in too...

> loose.  I used a little WD-40 and a breaker bar w/ an Allen driver.
I used an Alen wrench with a 3 foot long piece of copper pipe.  Bent the
pipe a little, but it worked.

So, I drilled into the top of the bumper, and I have to finish work on the
installation tommorrow morning before work...got about under an hour's work
if I hurry...the biggest pain right now is finding grounding points,
because you need one for the relay, and two seperate(yhea right) ones for
each light.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  If not, I'll just run three
wires to the one ground point I found(on top of the engine, near the idle
stabilizer...) or something.



Brett Dikeman
dikemanb@edison.ma.ultranet.com	dikemanb@stu.beloit.edu
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