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Re: timing belt change interval

Hairy green toads from Mars made Phil and Judy Rose say:

> How do Audi enthusiasts react to this (timing belt) philosophy:
> "Inspect first--replace only if visibly deteriorated."? (*)
> This is what my Audi mechanic recommends. He pulled back the timing belt
> cover, looked at the portion of the belt that was visible and said (since
> it didn't show evidence wear or cracking) that he wouldn't be concerned
> about replacing the belt at that point. This is on a 105K '89 100 whose
> timing belt history is unavailable, but otherwise appears well-maintained.
> (*) I know, if I believe that then I'm not yet a real "enthusiast"! ;-)

Depends on whether it's an interefence or non-interference engine.

Your '89 100 is non-interference, which means a broken belt pretty much
just means a tow (probably at an inconvenient time). The V6, 20V, and
turbo engines are interference, which means a broken belt trashes lots
of expensive valves.


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