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re: tapping noise on V6

Jim Griffin said:
> IMHO, this is normal. Don't sweat the little details. I believe it is 
> because the oil has drained back to the pan, and the hydraulic lifters need

> to fill up upon startup. My '92 100S does pretty much just what you are 
> describing... and it has not been a problem for 118k miles!!

 Phil Payne added:  
<<<<Certainly the turbo cars should have filters with anti-drainback valves
in them.
IMO they should be fitted to all hydraulic lifter cars as well.>>>

Reference point:  On my '86 4000csq (I know, 5-cylinder, not V6) changing
from the cheapo aftermarket filter to the Audi with the drainback valve got
rid of the start-up tapping lifters, as did frequent oil changes.  I also
noticed that leaving the car sitting for a few days made the lifters more

Chris Miller, Windham New Hampshire, c1j1miller@aol.com