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Re: Convertible boots? convertible joints?

Mike Walder writes:
> I've found an Audi 5000 for sale, needs convertible boots both sides,
> and a convertible joint on the passenger side.
> Can anyone tell me what these are?  Are they the suspension bushes?

I think you mean CV joint and boot?  CV = Constant Velocity.
This is a variant of a universal joint that allows torque to
be applied through a shaft that bends.  On FWD Audis, there are
four CV joints, two each on both ends of the front driveshafts.
On quattro models, there are also four similar CV joints in the
rear, as well as a U-joint in the center driveshaft.  The CV boot
is a rubber boot that covers the CV joint, sealing a special grease

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