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timing belt change interval

In message <869089246.092956.0@vnet.ibm.com> Steinbru@VNET.IBM.COM writes:

> And why, pray tell, will the Coupe not see another?

Because it's scrap.

We have two cars - "my" 1988 ur-quattro and "her" 1983 Coupe GT.  The ur-quattro
is my hobby and interest as well as my daily driver and executive transport (no 
giggling at the back).  The Coupe GT is her commuting car (to a school in a 
fairly deprived area).

Now our son has reached driving age.  The ur-quattro is Insurance Group 20 and 
no company on earth will quote for an under-25 to drive it.  The Coupe GT is 
Group 12 and we have insurance quotes for GBP2640 ($4500) a year to add our 
So we have to get something in Group < 3.

I'm changing my job - I don't yet know what the new company will offer as a 
"company car" package.  Such things have become less economic in recent years 
in the UK, so we will see.  The outline plan is to keep the ur-quattro for fun 
and for visits to customers with car parks; use the Coupe GT as my wife's 
commuter and steal it from her when I have to make a trip involving "exposed" 
parking; and get a lowly slow diesel rattletrap as backup for this latter 
situation and also for the offspring to drive.
In theory the Coupe GT (JS engine) is non-interference.  Personally, I don't 
believe there _is_ such an animal in the Audi range - the engine now has around 
260k on it, and is frequently revved pretty hard.  Anyway - at present, the 
economics suggest a GBP500 (book value of Coupe GT) would not be too great a 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club

 (Anyone got a use for a 19mm Allen driver?)