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Re: '86 5ktq brakes

> i've been taking my winter car out recently and have noticed the 
> following.
> my 86 5ktq's brake system is acting up.  first of all, it FAILS the bomb 
> test but i'm trying to determine if anything else is bad.  when the car 
> is cool, the brake system works fine except for the fact that the power 
> assist dwindles after turning the car off.  when the car gets hot, 
> typically after baking in the sun all day, the amount of brake pedal play 
> seems to increase before any braking action commences.  after moving 
> through this "dead zone" the brakes work, except that the rear brakes 
> begin to drag.  the more time that goes by, the more the rear brakes seem 
> to drag (with no input from the driver).
> i've run the system with the ABS on and off and have had similar results. 
> i know that i need the pressure accumulator, but could anything else be 
> bad, too?

Check out the master cylinder. BTDT.


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