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Re: Squeeky front seat

> Mark.Granoff@Software.com (Mark Granoff) wrote:

> > The right front seat in my '94 90CSQ squeaks when someone sits in it. I
> > told the dealer and they lubed it, but it still squeeks. (They probably
> > lubed the tracks only, but I don't know).

> > To my ear, it sounds like the squeeking is eminating from either or both of
> > the following locations:
> >
> > 1. where the seat bottom attaches to the seat frame
> > 2. where the seat back and seat bottom connect

> To which Phil Payne added:

> >You have my undivided attention.

> >I have _exactly_ the same problem in my ur-quattro - except that for me the
> >right seat is the driver's seat and there's _always_ someone sitting in it.

> >I plan to start the investigation this weekend.  I've been told that there
> >is a
> >weak weld in the seat frame that cracks and thus causes the squeaking.

> Common problem? My driver's seat (otherwise in fine condition for a 211,000
> km car) does that, too! Strangely, though, it only happens when I'm driving
> home after work and am tired and irritated by the noise. I guess it's
> trying to get my attention... The sound seems so emanate from the seat
> bottom, somewhere in the lower regions (straps? webbing? springs?). Someday
> I might even go so far as to tear it apart...

My UrQ used to squeak from somewhere near the seat bottom... turned out to
be the plastic moulding at the side.  The seat belt attachment went over it
and the plastic cracked.  It creaked when the seat belt attachment pushed
against it...  (Don't have the car anymore, but my fix was to remove the