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Re: Squeeky front seat

Mark.Granoff@Software.com (Mark Granoff) wrote:

> The right front seat in my '94 90CSQ squeaks when someone sits in it. I
> told the dealer and they lubed it, but it still squeeks. (They probably
> lubed the tracks only, but I don't know).

> To my ear, it sounds like the squeeking is eminating from either or both of
> the following locations:
> 1. where the seat bottom attaches to the seat frame
> 2. where the seat back and seat bottom connect

To which Phil Payne added:

>You have my undivided attention.

>I have _exactly_ the same problem in my ur-quattro - except that for me the
>right seat is the driver's seat and there's _always_ someone sitting in it.

>I plan to start the investigation this weekend.  I've been told that there
>is a
>weak weld in the seat frame that cracks and thus causes the squeaking.

Common problem? My driver's seat (otherwise in fine condition for a 211,000
km car) does that, too! Strangely, though, it only happens when I'm driving
home after work and am tired and irritated by the noise. I guess it's
trying to get my attention... The sound seems so emanate from the seat
bottom, somewhere in the lower regions (straps? webbing? springs?). Someday
I might even go so far as to tear it apart...


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