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Re: Delta Radio (Lack of) Quality

In a message dated 97-07-19 14:38:54 EDT, dzweiss@worldnet.att.net writes:

<< Anybody had trouble w/ these things?  Got a rebuilt Delta Bose a year
 ago as part of the deal on the car, and about half the time when turning
 it on it would come up to a nonexistent station.  Exchanged it
 immediately, and now two of the preset buttons are failing (no spring,
 feels like domes are shot, and I've been very gentle w/ them).  Squeeked
 in under the 12/12, and the latest one has absolutely no bass.  Another
 on order.
 At $100 or so w/ core, it's probably cheaper than having it repaired,
 but  who's doing the QC on these things?
 Dave Weiss >>

No kidding, Dave!  I don't know who does the work, but someone is definitely
brain-dead in the QC dept.  If it happens again I suggest you INSIST on the
newer Gamma units--my first replacement had very weak reception, but the
second one seems fine.  It also has the nifty (if somewhat annoying) built-in
flashing LED when unit is turned off, supposedly to warn off would-be

-Ingo Rautenberg
90 V8Q 178k+