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RE: New wheels, Wheel locks?

I got Gorillas with the Dials I got from Discount Tire Direct. Chris
Semple (mailto:autobahn01@aol.com) told me, before the locks showed up
and I was considering getting a set myself, that different manufacturers
recommend different locks, and picking the wrong lock could give the
mfg. a reason to renege (sp?) on a warranty. Perhaps it's a good idea to
call BBS and ask them which locks they recommend or even specify? HTH.
-Ian Duff.
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	I just got a set of BBS wheels for the GTI.  Wow, nice wheels,
lok great.
	 Problem, I don't want other people to think they would look
great on their
	car.  Best wheel locks?  Opinions?  17mm lugs, if that makes a
	Carter J