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Durablend vs. Mobil 1

Not trying to start yet another oil thread, but I never thought I'd write
I've been using Mobil 1 20-50 ever since I got my 90 90Q20v with 92K miles
a year ago.
A few weeks ago I put in the semi-synthetic Durablend because I knew the
stuff would only be in there for 3 weeks....and figured the
Mobil 1 was overkill (I changed it in only 3 weeks to Mobil 1 immediately
prior to Watkin's Glen).  Well, I hate to admit it, but the Syntec really
quieted the motor down....it's not real noisy anyway..but the change was
noticeable.  I'm still using Mobil 1, but I am dismayed.
I guess I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue.