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RE: coupla CQ issues

I've seen this happen regularly, when wear indicator tabs are bent on
the brake pads during installation.  Take the wheel off and turn the
rotor and look/listen to see which indicator is rubbing.  When you
discover which indicator is rubbing, simply bend it back a little.  I
wouldn't worry about bending it back too much, especially if one of the
wear indicators is set correctly...you'll know when to change the pads.


-mark nelson

'90 s2 (building for pro rally)
'86 4kcsq
'85 4kcsq

<<1) Very slight sqeaking sound when driving, so slight infact, I can't
hear it with the passenger side window up, (seems to be coming from that
area of the car, right front) Here's the thing- squeaking goes away when
ever I apply the smallest amount of pressure on my brake pedal?
Diagnosis anyone?>>