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Re: 89 100 alternator or a/c fan problem

I do remember that last year the with the fan on the 
voltage dropped maybe .5v after the rebuilt alternator
was put in. Whereas now it drops 1.5v  hhmmmm...  

For $25.- bucks I can get a new voltage regulator and
try it....

I'll let ya know if it has any effect :-)

Mike L.

At 03:09 PM 7/18/97 -0400, Robert Myers wrote...
>How about a weak voltage regulator?
>At 12:08 PM 7/18/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>Hi Everybody,
>>Got a problem with the wife's 89 100 Wagon 116k miles.  When we cruise
>>in the city for 4 day's with the a/c blaring.  It will eventually kill

>>the battery.
>>I've had the battery load tested and it came out ok, batteries about a

>>year old.  The alternator will fully charge the battery if I leave the
>>a/c off for 20 minutes or so of highway driving.
>>I do notice though when the a/c is not running the voltage guage is
>>about 13 + volts.  When the a/c is on and the fan kick's in it 
>>immediately drops to 12 volts flat.
>>Is this a problem with the alternator not being powerfull enough to 
>>keep up with the draw from the fan or is the fan drawing more current 
>>than it is supposed to ?  I seem to remember reading about a similar
>>problem before with the fan on the list.
>>The alternator was replaced last year with a bosch rebuilt for what
>>essentially the same problem.  But at that time I had replaced the
>>regulator part of the alternator and the alternator was still not
>>putting out
>>enough power to charge the battery when the a/c was running in city.
>>replaced the whole alternator with the bosch rebuilt and it seemed to
>>even though I still thought the voltage was too low when the fan
>>Any Ideas ?
>>I'm leaning towards fan problem, but I'm not sure what too check to
>>it ?
>>Thanks Everybody :-)
>>Mike L.
>>90 V8
>>89 100 Wagon......... currently not running a/c even though it's 90+
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