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Re: drive ratios for '90 80q

In a message dated 7/21/97 CDARRING.US.ORACLE.COM writes:

<<I recently bought a 5-speed '90 80q and I noticed the the gearing is 
significantly different than on my old '82 5k.  At 65mph the engine is
around 3k rpm (seems high to me).  This means at *real* cruising speeds the 
engine runs around 4k to 5k rpm...>>

Sounds like the ratios were changed from the '88 80q I owned cuz it was a 3k
rpm/80mph car. The speed/rpm relationship you describe is that of a 4kq which
does just over 80mph @ 4k rpms. Since these cars (4kq's) are very reliable I
would suggest that you should have no worries about longevity. Fuel economy
may suffer compared to what I experienced with the '88 80q but at least you
have an efficient body to push through the air (compared to a 4kq). Major
mods to these cars is typicaly a labor of love. My feeling is that with the
used market such as it is...replacement with a model that mirrors your
desires is a better alternative to things like motor transplants, driveline
replacements for gear ratios, etc. Just my opinion though. I would love a
turbo motor transplanted 4kq, but can't justify the project when I can buy a
ur-q for less than 8k. So, my advice is to enjoy your wonderful little
quattro as-is and when thime time comes that you want a change...get a
different one (or like some here another one <g>)

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (soon to become an '87 5ktq best I can tell)