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Re: Fastest Wagon (was: 90 90Q 20V vs. 97 S6 vs. 98 A4 30V)

> So, can we finally get a consensus on the country's fastest production
> wagon? I nominate the S6... (hey, maybe it's not the boxy Swede that
> does it for me, just the slightly less boxy German ;*)

Should I also mention the '97 Subaru's Legacy GT-B wagon that only 
available in Japan and other South east asia countries. With the 280ps
2.0 twin turbo boxer(stock), AWD, and manual tranny; I believe the 
performance of this wagon is pretty close to or even equal?? to Audi's 
and Volvo's super wagon. I believe it's probably the fastest Japanese
wagon in the mean time.

Just my 0.2

'87 5kcst