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Weird 87 5000 Quattro, ID help?

OK , my friend who dabbles in selling cars (mostly cheap, used such as old
Jettas and little hondas..) Well, he bought his first Audi (to sell) and
proudly introduced it to me.  I promptly told him it must have been in an
accident.  Why?  It had regular 5000 headlights.  But it gets weirder.  It's
not a turbo, which isn't that weird, but it is a S quattro.  1987.  I thought
that all post 86 quattros (to 88) were CS quattros.  At least, I had never
heard of one.  It is a late 87 car, but has the older badges (not new chrome
ones) and everything matches up (he has the window sticker...)  It has the
stock 5000Q 7 spoke alloys.  And it's white (another thing I though weird,
never seen a white 5000Q) not pearl.  So what's the deal?  Oh yeah, he needs
center grill chrome stripes (anyone get them?  one on top and one on the
bottom) The car is for sale, if anyone cares....
Carter J