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Re: 100 Q Auto Tranny comments.

     Thanks for you comments, if I bought this car, and to be honest it's 
     fairly unlikely at the momment, it would be as a family car for my 
     wife (mostly:). 
     The good news is that so far I've received no negative comments on the 
     reliability of quattro automatics...
     One of the things that surprised me when I looked at the car was the 
     amount of rust on the body surrounding the muffler. There is a thermal 
     barrier between the muffler and the body but it doesn't cover the 
     muffler all the way to the back of the car. Consequently there was a 
     patch of maybe 12"x18" of rust and peeling paint above the mufller. 
     The rust/peeling paint was starting to spread underneath the thermal 
     barrier. (Note I should point out I've been spending a lot of time 
     lately under my '83 ur-q painting etc and getting under another car 
     for similar work is not high on my list of things I want to do). I was 
     really surprised by the amount of rust. Is this common to other 100 
     owners or maybe the car was in an accident?
     Regards, Mike