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Re: Weird 87 5000 Quattro, ID help?

But it gets weirder.  It's
>not a turbo, which isn't that weird, but it is a S quattro.  1987.  I thought
>that all post 86 quattros (to 88) were CS quattros.  At least, I had never
>heard of one.  It is a late 87 car, but has the older badges (not new chrome
>ones) and everything matches up (he has the window sticker...)  It has the
>stock 5000Q 7 spoke alloys.  And it's white (another thing I though weird,
>never seen a white 5000Q) not pearl.  So what's the deal?  Oh yeah, he needs
>center grill chrome stripes (anyone get them?  one on top and one on the
>bottom) The car is for sale, if anyone cares....
>Carter J


I am driving a legitimate, zermat silver, late 87 5000S Q.  As far as I
know, the difference between S and CS in (86?) 87-88 was leather and trim.
Mechanic tells me he does not see a lot of them and would like to buy my
car for his father.  Says he prefers the 5000 without turbo.