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Re: Automatic Quattros

     >What is the general consensus on the performance and reliability of 
     >the first(?) generation of automatic quattros? I had a look at a '93 
     >100 V6 quattro this afternoon, it would make a lovely family car if I 
     >could find the coin (very unlikely!). Could probably get it for ~19K 
     >Can (they were asking 23K and have already reduced it by 2K), the car 
     >looks fully loaded, leather seats etc, 100,000kms.
     >Personally I don't have very positive views towards auto Audi's, I've 
     >seen too many (newer models) at the local dealership having new 
     >trannys fitted. And the thought of it being the first(?) time they 
     >mated an auto box to the quattro drive train doesn't inspire 
     >confidence. But then again there are a lot of very happy V8 owners on 
     >the list, is this basically the same setup as the V8?
     In my sample size of one, the following happened:  My automatic 
     transmission (92 100 CSQW) was replaced at just over 50K miles (under 
     warranty).  The general feeling of the service guys at the dealer was 
     that they had seen some problems with some front-wheel drive Audi 
     automatics, but very little problem with the Q's.  I don't believe 
     that it is the same transmission as the V8Q.
     Albuquerque, NM, USA
     92 100 CSQW
     92 100 S