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Door sensor on '88 Quattro 90

I am brand spanking new to this list, so I would like to say hello first.
Anyway, I have a problem with my 'door ajar' alert - it beeps constantly!
Whether the door is open or shut makes no difference, it just beeps away..
I know it is the door, because sometimes I can slam it a few times and get it
to stop for a little while.

I looked at the door and saw no 'plunger' like other cars use to determine
the state of the door...  So whats the deal?
As you can probably tell, I am fairly new to electronics in cars - I've
only owned a '52 Chevy Pickup and a '82 Buick Regal..

Anyway, I want to disconnect the door sensor if possible, because I know it
would be a big pain in the butt to actually FIX this problem..  If anyone
can help, I would really appreciate it.


Kris Collins
University of Colorado